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Hello, my name is Sara.

I first started practicing yoga as a young teen and it has been a part of my life for more than 10 years now. I started writing professionally in 2016. I built my skills in a range of different industries. After years of learning,  I finally  decided to take a big step and specialize for yoga writing only. 

I see writing as an extension of my personal yoga practice. I dedicate a lot of my free time to practice and learn more, so I can provide the best service possible to you. 

My yoga writing service

I strive to base my writing on yogic principles, and see it as a journey where I constantly evolve and grow.

Satya - Truthfulness

Satya teaches us to be truthful in our thought, speech and action. Let's cultivate this principle in our content! Lies can attract customers, but honesty is what will make them stay with you.

Ahmisa: Non-Violence

Although we need to be truthful, we also can't be blunt. When presenting information to our readers, we should do it in a kind, skillful and constructive way.

Asteya - Non-Stealing

This principle extends to respecting others' energy and time. In our content, we cultivate this principle by sharing truthful, fact-based and clutter-free information.

Svadhyaya - Self Study

I know yoga is a personal journey. But the Svadhyaya principle encourages us to study yoga texts and scriptures, as well as new findings, to root our content in research and facts.

Aparigraha - Non-Grasping

I don't share rates on this website. Not everyone needs the same things or has the same resources. I strive to be available to anyone, regardless of their budget.

Saucha - Cleanliness

In writing, I relate this principle to readability. Without keeping our content clean and using other SEO practices, our content won't reach people who need it.


From the blog

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Truthfulness In copywriting

One of Yama principles of Patanjali is Satya or truthfulness. As someone who has worked in copywriting for years, I learned how hard it is to stay honest, when you’re trying, well, selling something. So, how exactly to link these two, seemingly oposite things? 

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